Arab Society of Food Professionals (ASoFP) has been in existence since January 01, 2010 which is non profit, non political, non discriminatory and total independent platform for food professionals working or having an interest in Arabian based Food Chain.

The core objective of the ASoFP is to “Develop The Food Professional’s Competence” to support the food industry in terms of legal compliance, quality, food safety, productivity, corporate good governance  and organizational excellence

This professional society is not only for the national of Arab Countries but also for non arab national whoever has interest and stake in the development, resilience & sustainability of food sector. The ASoFP membership is open for anyone whoever is working in any sector of food chain in any roles and in any capacity.

The members of the ASoFP are from farming to  animal production sector and from manufacturing to retail sector as well. ASoFP Management strongly believe on collaborative and collective approach to engage everyone along the food chain for better performance and sustainability of this society.

The “International Desk” is networking representatives and connectivity ambassadors of the ASoFP all over the world to keep the ASoFP, informed, updated and connected with rest of the world.

ASoFP is associated with number of local, regional and international common interest societies, institutes and non profit organization to play its role and to contribute in food quality, food safety and food chain security for the greater interest of the humanity

ASoFP will help the members to overcome the increasing range of emerging challenges by sharing information and encouraging collaboration across boundaries. It will develop & support the whole food system portfolio, enabling the food sector to identify and adopt totally new norms and new ways of thinking and working.

ASoFP is leading the way and setting the trends in the evolution of food industry by developing the professional’s competence in the Arab World.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To represent the Arab world internationally and to become a regional leading platform for the food professionals to ensure food chain sustainability for the greater interest of humanity.


Our Mission

To promote good practices, competence, ethics and integrity of our food professionals and to create strategic alliances locally, regionally and internationally that enhance socio-economic opportunities for every food professional from farm to fork.

Purpose of ASoFP