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Food Mag Arabia is the official publication of the Arabian Society of Food Professionals. As Arab’s premier food professional publication, Food Mag Arabia covers recent advances in food science, food safety and quality issues, food security challenges and food industry subject matters, with contributions from leading academia-industry experts, creating a valuable resource for anyone involved in the food and allied industries.

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FoodMagArabia features article from food professionals in various disciplines not limited to Food Science & Technology, Nutrition, Food Business, Regulations, Food Safety & Security, Tourism, and Hospitality Industry. 

  1. Article must be submitted online by using the appropriate submission forms. Each member may submit only one article in one issue.
  2. The article must be written in English or Arabic language.
  3. The article must include a title, Name, Picture and Contact Details of Author
  4. The article must reflect the own writing and original thinking.
  5. Any quotations or copyrighted material used in the article must be identified properly.
  6. The article must contain a maximum of 1200 words.
  7. The font must be Times New Roman with font size 12 points.
  8. The article must be uploaded in Word document format.

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