Members Directory

Membership of ASOFP is open to all individuals, from students to experts, academic & research institutes and companies which are connected with Food Profession. As soon as you become a member, you will start receiving membership benefits by connecting with a network of members.

Corporate Member:

A corporate member shall be a company, firm or other business entity engaged directly, or indirectly, in manufacture, distribution or sale of foods, their products or supplies (ingredients, chemicals, etc.) and machinery used by the food industries.

Institute Member:

An institute member shall be a department, college, university, research institute, or other organization engaged in teaching, training, research or other relevant activities.

Professional Member:

A professional member shall be a person who is qualified food professional or who is, or has been, actively engaged, or is interested, in any activity related to food business, food technology, nutrition and hospitality.

Student Member:

A student member shall be a person, who is pursuing a degree, foundation degree, apprenticeship or equivalent in the subject of Food Science or Culinary Art.