Code of Conduct



  1. Members shall act unbiased, without any discrimination and professionally at their best while interacting with the ASoFP members and dealing on its behalf anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Members shall disclose any affiliation or interest which can impact on your performance while assisting with ASoFP in any capacity. 
  3. Always co-operate fully with ASoFP rules, policies and processes (including investigation and resolution of any alleged or actual breaches) of this code of conduct. 
  4. Members shall be open to any inquiry and shall support any investigation, if conducted by the ASoFP management.
  5. Members shall accept any decision made by the ASoFP management, either in favor or not in favor of any member.
  6. ASoFP members shall perform his/her duties assigned by the ASoFP management to best of his / her ability and knowledge.
  7. Members should be aware of how their behaviour may influence or impact on the behavior of others ASoFP members and shall act ethically and professionally. 
  8. Accept that no member may speak for the Society, or make any commitments on its behalf, without the authority of the Central Governance Assembly (CGA) or Country Governance Body (CGB). 
  9. Notify the ASoFP management if they have had membership of another professional body terminated as a result of disciplinary procedure.
  10. Inform the ASoFP management if you have grounds for believing that another member is in breach of this code of conduct. 
  11. Encourage and support fellow members to advance their learning and in their professional development and, where possible, engage with and mentor new entrants to food profession.
  12. Act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias.
  13. You should respect the individual and collective rights to privacy and maintain confidentiality in compliance with country regulations, ethical standard and socially acceptable norms.
  14. Work to ensure that the credibility and reputation of the ASoFP and all its stakeholders is protected. 
  15. Always act in a way which supports and upholds the reputation of the food profession. 
  16. You should neither offer nor accept bribes or inducements either on a personal basis or on behalf of the ASoFP.
  17. Act with due skill, care and diligence and with proper regard for professional standards.
  18. Treat all persons fairly and with respect, encouraging diversity and inclusivity. 
  19. Maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. 
  20. Pay membership dues as prescribed by the Article of Association and membership criteria.